Happy Janmashtami to all of you!!! On the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami I thought to share an devotional story about an innocent child and Krishna Bhagwan Ji which is based on true life incident. And the story also tells us as to why we call Krishna Ji as laddu gopal.

So Here’s that-:

A long time ago there was a worshiper of Bhagwan Krishna, Kumbanadas in the holy land of agra. He also had a son named Raghunandan. He had a beautiful statue of Bhagwan Krishna with flute in his hand. He worshiped the statue every day with full devotion. One day Raghunandan’s father got an invitation to preach Bhagvath Katha sacred book in Vrindavan garden. Firstly, Kumbanadas rejected the invitation for Katha, but after the forcing of people he agreed to preach Bhagvath Katha. As he used to offer bhog to Bhagwan every day at a particular time. Kumnanadas explained to his son about the ritual of food offering and how to do it. So, before going to Katha venue he told his son that before you eat offer bhog to Bhagwan Ji first.

Abiding his father Raghunandan offered Bhagwan Ji but he didn’t eat, he said ” Bhagwan Ji laddu khao” “Bhagwan ji laddu khao” he repeated this line for many hours louder and louder. But Bhagwan didn’t come to eat. Unaware of the fact that the food is offered symbolically to God, he started crying and felt fearful as his father will scold him for not offering food to Bhagwan. And Raghunandan was also hungry, he didn’t eat anything, Bhagwan Ji was seeing this. He continues to call Bhagwan louder and louder. Pleased by the cries and pleas of Raghunandan and innocence of little child, Krishna Bhagwan Ji came down in form of a baby and ate all laddus from the plate of bhog. His father came and asked Raghunandan have you offered bhog to Bhagwan Ji, he said Bhagwan Ji came and ate all laddus kept in the plate. He ignored and thought that out of hunger he might have ate all laddus.

Next day, he again prepared laddu and he again told that Bhagwan Ji came and ate all the laddus kept in the plate. This went on for number of days and on fourth day, he decided to keep an eye on Raghunandan. So, he prepared laddu and asked his son to offer the bhog and offer it on usual time. Raghunandan with innocence again offered the bhog on time, began calling “Bhagwan ji Bhog khao”. Kumbandas was hiding behind the wall and secretly looking at the whole incident and saw that Krishna Ji came and ate all laddus. Realizing, that God came to eat the bhog, he ran towards Krishna Ji to touch his feet. And the moment he touched his feet, Bhagwan Ji freezes with one laddu in hand and one in her mouth. And that’s why he is called as LADDU GOPAL.

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful story of a small boy. And see how Bhagwan ji is easily pleased by the innocent calling of boy and appeared before him and ate the Bhog.

Happy janmashtami 💖!! 2

बोलो हाथी घोड़ा पालकी जय कन्हैया लाल की !! बोलो हाथी घोड़ा पालकी जय कन्हैया लाल की !!

Jai Sri Hari🙏

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