First of all,i want to express my gratitude to Om Swami Ji for opening up to everyone who wants to write on it. I also want to thank Swami Ji for changing my life for the better and making me more happier,calmer and a better version of myself through his posts on,books,youtube videos and black lotus app. I wish that i can get Swami Ji’s blessings for this new journey of my life as a writer that i am going to begin today on this auspicious day of Ram Navami. 

To everyone who is reading this,it’s my first article that i am going to publish publicly,so i apologize beforehand for all the grammatical,factual and literary mistakes that you will discover in this article. I also want to thank every member of family for the kind of support they have shown for upcoming writers like me. Please keep supporting because your support means the world to us. 

I want to dedicate this post to my Dadi because my Dadi was a true Ram Bhakt. She took naam(initiation) of Ram Ji from Ram Sharanama,Ludhiana 15 years back. She used to visit Ram Sharanama in the morning on sunday and sometimes in the evening on thursday. When i was a kid,i also used to accompany her sometimes. She read Ramcharitmanas every year several times and she used to tell me stories about Ram Ji with such awe and excitement that it sometimes felt awkward because i thought that it’s just a story. But now i understand that it was her sheer devotion and love for Ram Ji. I still remember the Amrit Vani that she used to sing in the morning. In the later years,i got busy in my studies so i stopped going to Ram Sharanama. But in her last years,my Dadi’s health deteriorated and it was difficult for her to go to Ram Sharanama,so she stopped going there but she still continued reading Ramcharitmanas,sung Amrit Vani daily,did 5 malas of Ram Naam everyday and watched recordings and live streams of Ram Sharanama Discourses. Last year,her health worsened because she got covid-19 positive. She died on 19 November,2020 due to coronavirus. In her last time,she had her mantra mala wrapped around her hand and she was constantly thinking about Ram Ji and i know that Ram Ji must have given her peace and a place to stay in his Vaikunth Dham.

Among many stories from Ram Ji’s life,there is one story that is very close to my heart. It is about the Ashwamedha Yagya(Horse Sacrifice). When Ram Ji decided to do Ashwamedha Yagya,all the elders adviced him to remarry as this Yagya couldn’t had been done alone by a king without his wife. Ram Ji said that he will not remarry because he is ekampatnivrata(a person who had taken a vow to marry one woman only) and he said that he had loved only one woman in his entire life and that is Sita Ji. He said that although he had abandoned her but she is still his wife and he will not remarry for the sake of this Yagya. So Ram Ji got a gold statue of Sita Ji made for the Yagya that was placed alongside him near the Yagya Kund and the metal gold was selected to make the statue specifically to show the praja(public) who questioned Sita Ji’s chastity that Sita Ji was as pure as gold.

In conclusion,i want to say that although Ram Ji demanded an Agni Pariksha(to pass through a burning pyre) from Sita Ji to prove her chastity and later abandoned her when Ayodhya’s praja questioned Sita Ji’s character but still Ram Ji loved her and he knew that Sita Ji was innocent,pure and chaste. Although Sita Ji was far away from Ram Ji but she was always present in his heart.

On this festival of Ram Navami,i pray to Ram Ji to keep all of us,our family and our friends safe,healthy and happy. May this worsening Covid-19 situation in our country gets over with the grace of Ram Ji. Happy Ram Navami to all of my family members of Thankyou for giving your precious time to read my very first online published article, i really appreciate it.

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