Hey you all, this day is celebrated as the Day of Thanksgiving in the US and few other countries (I am not well informed). So let me take the opportunity to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and remind myself of things I am grateful for. I feel happy and filled with love today, my family and dear ones think of me and keep me in their wishes- what else do I need to be content in life and eternally happy!

I am highly grateful to each and every one who wishes me well and loves me dearly and even those who don’t as they all have shaped me in some way or the other. I am extremely grateful to be on this platform and to know such beautiful people. I only pray to God to keep bringing what is best for me and give me the strength to accept what doesn’t please me in life.ย 

When I hit the bed tonight (already late for it, being in IST hours) I will only remember the joys and love of those around me and not dwell upon what is not present. I find life amusing and filled with experiences of love, laughter, tears, heartbreaks, joys, successes, failures, gloomy days, unfair incidents, bright moments, abundance of health and wealth. All of this together makes life enjoyable, meaningful and beautiful. I want to accept and learn to appreciate each moment I breathe. I want to remain optimistic of my future, accept everything as almighty’s grace and keep shining brighter than the brightest star up there.

As my brother wrote for me “You deserve the best of everything which life has to offer to you”, I want to make that my reality and I believe only I can make it possible. I want to find the light on my own when I hit a dark moment in life and want to remain content in what I receive. There is always hope for a better tomorrow, choose to find the way that leads to contentment and happiness. Above all what matters is that you are breathing and you keep hustling to make your today better than yesterday. Believe in yourself and trust the divine plan (IMO it is either what you determine to do with 100% honesty, or something you believe works for you always, and you have faith in it viz., God, Guru, Supreme power, the energy) If you lose a job today, you will make it to a better one (your own venture, another job etc.). If you lose a loved one, you will overcome it and try to make your life more meaningful taking with you the best memories of them. If you are heartbroken, believe that you will meet someone who would love you even more than them who didn’t have the eyes for your true beauty, just be open to accept what life brings to you. There is always a better way and a brighter day.

I am learning to be grateful of every moment of my life, of every person who teaches me a good or bad lesson in life, of every opportunity that knocks my door, of every penny I earn and every second I breathe. That is all that matters. I am thankful and much in love with life and myself. Thank you God, thank you my dear parents, thank you all my loved and dear ones, thank you osdotme platform and Om Swami.

Happy Thanksgiving you all! ๐Ÿ’•

Pic: Sent by my dearest friend (who keeps me sane).ย  Please accept my warm hug, lot’s of love and gratitude ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ