We all try to make others happy by helping, being kind, talking politely, etc., but the simplest one is to smile. It makes others indirectly smile, and joy comes to them. By just smiling, we can make others happy.

Let’s get to the point. Sometimes when angry, we don’t try to understand their mistake or overreaction. We don’t care. We just scold, beat, etc.

Angry feelings are common, and there are ways to channel them for good.Angry occurs due to our bodies’ full energy coming to the Agna Chakra, so we get angry.

When we see others’ mistakes, we can’t handle that because we think that we are doing that ourselves, so we can’t bare it. Now there is a way of stopping anger. The way to stop it is to think that it is his karma and leave it. Normally, all of us have three levels of anger. This mostly happens between parents and kids when they do something wrong. The first level is to say The second level is to scold. The third level is when they beat you up and sayBut the first two levels are good, but there is another way to express the third level. The way is to give punishment related to the mistake.

My dad says one thing which makes me very happy, “When I beat you, then there is no meaning to say that you should not beat me because you don’t know anything I learned from you.” He stopped beating me and started to ask me about the punishment, which I learned not to do again.

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