Filmi line but can be said at a lot of places and to a lot of people. Remember when as a kid we used to shout, cry, lie on the road and throw all types of tantrums to get what we want, and if not we wouldn’t let it go at any cost or be forced to let it go. Sometimes I wonder that is that the first lesson of the law of attraction that we can learn from kids around as the Zid and the ability to achieve what they want is incredible.

Have seen these angles perform such feet that we are afraid of and yes when we get into a deep understanding of the topic we can analyze a few things about these successful toddlers.

1.      They don’t know the word “fear”

These angels don’t know the meaning of fear they will lay their hands on anything that comes in their way. We have a lot of examples around us you will see the kids on the top shelf of the house where you need a support system. They will only panic when you will shout at them in fear. They can be found catching snakes and playing with a scorpion and seldom are harmed by these animals. If not these you can see them playing with animals lovingly and they remain the same if you don’t introduce them to the word fear. Don’t do this, don’t do that this will happen that will happen.

2.      They don’t know the meaning of “No”

They are the rebels and won’t stop till they have achieved what they are up to and they don’t know the word No-till they are bashed or they experience the reaction for a certain thing themselves. I share an incidence of Reyan here, he never listened to when was told not to do something as he always is eager to experiment and learn(Good thing) the whistle of the pressure cooker is one thing that attracts kids and he was also not an exception he used to run towards it when it whistled and all used to be behind him don’t touch it and they were right as it would have hurt him, but he never listened and one day I never stopped him and let him touch the whistle and then till now nearly 4 plus years he never touched the whistle again though the excitement is the same. (Take away learn from experience if you don’t want to learn from teaching)

3.      They don’t know the meaning of “Failure”

Ever saw a kid learning to walk or do anything new in their life. They never stop till they have succeeded and they don’t even stop trying this is the lesson I learned from these angels. They will fall, cry and then again get up and try, they will again fall, get hurt, cry aloud but don’t stop till they succeed. First talking steps, then walking and eventually running, and then comes the time you run behind them and they laugh. This is the sweet lesson that they teach us which we all did in our life but forgot with time.

4.      They don’t know to “give up”

Practice, practice hard till you become perfect. These angles give their best and learn a lot of things in life and science has proved that kids till 5 years learn more than 20 words per day and an adult learn only one to two words per day which we don’t even apply. The reason being their mindful approach and eagerness to learn new things.

There is a lot to learn as that is their Haq and they won’t let it go easily. They are the go-getters and they are the ones with wild dreams and successfully achieving goals. Let’s learn from them. They are so patinate and goal-oriented that they won’t stop till they achieve, the same things is what Swami always say if you have to go and meet Mother divine you have to be focused and you need not to stop crying for her till she comes, so make it your Haq that ma has to move and pick you up in her arms and you can play in her arms. So let’s become kids again.