“Har Ghar Kuch kehta hai ki andar isme kaun rehta hai”

Tagline of Asian paints which I remembered when I saw this beutiful home(would have been once) but now ruins as is ghar mai koi nai rehta. 

Time and life can be tough and merciless as we loss the ones we love and the remain are just the memories, and what better can be the house in which they would have lived. 

This house in the picture is situated in Nagrota Bhagwan Kangra district Himachal Pradesh and I am here for a family function. As not known people were around this was the best time to give myself time and for that I left the house. 

It was just around the corner my eyes stuck on the beautiful house. The perfect dream house I have in my mind. The lawn the backyard and the two stories were telling a lot of stories. 

The name on the house is Gupta and is made before independence may be 1930’s. The architecture is awww. 

The thought that came in my mind was what not would have this house seen. 









Highs and lows all would have been in this house. 

The house would have been there when India found Independence. The functions in the house would have been talk of the town. 

But looking it today gives a lot of questions, what happened to people who constructed this , what about their generation what about the legacy, what about the name, fame and So called Rutba had gone. 


It is true har Ghar Kuch kehta hai ki andar isme kaun rehta hai. 

Par Kab tak and will it be for ever. 

Food for thought.