Hari Ki Pauri is the place where Ganga Ji enters the plain area from the mountains and that’s why the Ganga Ji flows here more gracefully rather than ferociously. Hari Ki Pauri is said to be built by King Vikram Aditya in the first century BCE. King Vikram Aditya built Hari Ki Pauri in memory of his late brother ‘Bharthari’.

It is believed that Sri Hari has left his Pad-Chinh(footprints) that are imprinted on a higher wall in Hari Ki Pauri and Ganga Ji always keep on touching it so as to get the blessings of Sri Hari.

When Amrit Manthan or Samudra Manthan was taking place between Devtas and Asuras, then a pot of nectar or Kumbh of Amrit got created and that Kumbh got spilled at four locations which are Prayagraj, Nashik, Ujjain, and Haridwar. The exact spot at which this Amrit’s drop was spilled is Brahma Kund at Hari Ki Pauri in Haridwar. That’s why the Kumbh Mela happens at this particular place after every 12 years.


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