After we step our feet on the bus adda, the first priority is to get out of the bus adda and look for a conveyance so that we can go to Sahni hotel. We immediately starts searching for an auto as there is an abundance of rickshaws, electric autos and vikrams. Vikrams are big blue auto and I think that they are native to Uttrakhand as I have not seen them anywhere else. Then we board a conveyance whose price is reasonable. A pro tip I want to share is to never tell the owner of the conveyance that to which hotel you want to go, just tell them the area(in which the hotel is present) that you want to go because they take commissions from hotel manager for bringing them customers. Now, my father is a pro at negotiation and he is also very street smart so he just tells them that we want to go to niranjani akhara marg, sharvan Nath nagar and even after repeated questions asked about the hotel that we want to go, my father tells him the alternate way to reach there because he has been coming to Haridwar since he was a child, so he know Haridwar city inside out. So we reach the designated place and gives whatever amount of money that was predecided with the owner of the vehicle. After walking just a few steps; we reach Sahni hotel and my father meets the manager as they both know each other because my father has been coming to Sahni hotel to stay (everytime he is in Haridwar) from the last 30 years since he was of my age.


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