After having done the Snan and doing the pooja, along with the flowing of the donna(bowl) with diya in it in Ganga Ji. We get seated on one of the steps as the auspicious and divine Ganga Ji ki Aarti is going to take place. Firstly the pandits and purohits carry Ganga Ji ki Murti which is made of silver(i feel) and the ganga Ji’s idol is carried in a small temple which is in the shape of those small readymade wooden temples that we hang on the wall and i think that it is also made from silver. The idol of Ganga Ji induces an emotion of spirituality and devotion in us. Those Pandits take the idol close to flowing Ganga Ji and place it on the pedestal which is made exclusively for this purpose. Many pandits behind it,constantly keep on ringing the thick rounded metal plate with a small hammer. The aarti starts and it is usually of 1 hour duration. The crowd that comes to see the aarti is the most that i have ever seen on Hari ki Pauri because i haven’t have had the fortune of attending Kumbh Mela in Haridwar,so i have not personally seen that huge crowd which comes to attend Kumbh Mela at Hari Ki Pauri. The aarti is so devotional, religious and divine which is hard to describe in words. The pandits constantly keep on rotating those big metal containers which have huge fire in it and it’s in salutation to Ganga Ji and they keep on singing the aarti beautifully. After the aarti gets over, they come towards us bhakts with those containers and we take our hands above the fire and place it on our heads, so as to get blessings of Ganga Ma.


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