After taking the aarti, now it’s time for some pait pooja(i mean we go and eat). We immediately go to Mohan Ji Poori Wale to eat pooris. It takes us only a couple of minutes to reach to Mohan Ji Poori Wale from the Hari ki Pauri. Although it’s just across the street to the shoes storage facility of Hari Ki Pauri but we have to collect our shoes and slippers first. So after collecting it,wearing it and washing our hands,we get going. We order 4 plates of pooris along with dry aloo jeera, aloo ki subji in curry form, imli , kaddu ki subji, chole in gravy form. We eat it very fast as after having Snan, we become very hungry. The taste is pretty good but not that great as Mathura Walo ki Prachin dukan. We finish our snacking with some sooji-besan ka halwa and it’s really special because it is offered as a bhog to Ganga Ma. After eating it we get going to Moti Bazaar.