Now it is time for some real shopping in Moti Bazaar. I usually purchase 1 or 2 books and that too from that bookstore which has enough power to stop my stomping feet. My mother usually purchase a purse and unstiched cloth for suits, my lil brother demands some toys and my father purchases it for him. My father doesn’t purchase anything as he is part of the finance department while we are from the procurement department. So his job is to finance what we procure( just kidding).

After doing shopping for 1 hour and then walking for 1 hour,we find a good restaurant to eat dinner. There is not any landmark restaurant that we go to,we just go to that restaurant which looks hygienic. Although, you can pay a visit to Chotiwala restaurant as it’s a very famous and old landmark restaurant and just along Hari Ki Pauri. But i haven’t been to Chotiwala to eat dinner till now.

We order dosa with nariyal chutney, tomato chutney and sambhar as we have to eat something light for the dinner. Dosa is my favorite, so it’s like a treat for me. We eat it and then get going to our hotel by boarding an e-rickshaw as only rickshaw and e-rickshaw are allowed in those small lanes of Moti Bazaar and that too till an extent, after which it is not allowed.¬†

After getting back to our hotel room, we are so much tired that we immediately get to sleep.