In the morning after having breakfast, we board an auto or vikram that will take us to Mansa Devi And Chandi Devi Temples. As soon as we get there, one of us(usually my father) immediately get in line for getting tickets of the Udan Khatola or ropeway trolley. The line is really big and it takes my father a good 2-3 hours to get tickets. The fare is 350 rupees for visiting both Shrines and it is 200 rupees for visiting one of them. We although travel to only one of them at one time but i will tell you my experience of visiting both the Temples.

We board the Udan Khatola and it is such an adventurous experience to look out of the Udan Khatola and it’s so beautiful to  look at the huge mountains laden with green trees and well looked after gardens on some streches of mountains built like the fields of terrace farming. We reach Mansa Devi and pray to Devi and tell her our wishes. Mansa literally means wishes, so she is believed to fulfill wishes.

After that we come down on the same Udan Khatola and board another one to reach Chandi Devi. After reaching there, we pray to Chandi Devi to protect us and look after us. We get down by Udan Khatola and get going.

Both Mansa Devi and Chandi  Devi are sisters and are forms of Devi Parvati and that’s why both these shrines are together and closeby to each other.

Haridwar Yatra is incomplete without visiting Mansa Devi, Chandi Devi and Maya Devi Temples as these are the three Siddh Peetha of Haridwar. It’s also very important to visit Maya Devi temple as Haridwar was known in ancient times as Maya Puri in reverence to Maya Devi.

But i haven’t visited Maya Devi Temple, so my Haridwar Yatra is not complete till now. Something for next time.

Haridwar Calling!


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