Bharat Mata Mandir is at just a walking distance from Mata Vaishno Devi Mandir, so we go there by walking. 

Barat Mata Mandir is a non-tradition modern temple and it is also known as Mother India Temple. It is a 8 storey building and every storey houses a temple.

The first floor has a huge map of india made on a pedestal with sand and clay and Bharat Mata’s idol is behind it and is looking at her Bharat with her graceful eyes.

The second floor houses ‘Shoor Mandir’ which has freedom fighters idols behind glass and it looks more like a museum.

The third floor houses ‘Matru Mandir’ and is dedicated to the women that are of historical, cultural and religious significance.

The fourth floor houses ‘Sant Mandir’ and is dedicated to all the Sants, Mahatmas, Rishis, Gurus and Swamis that have made our country the spiritual hub of the world.

The fifth floor has wall paintings or Jhaankiyan of Hindu Devi-Devtas and paintings depicting their legends.

The sixth floor houses ‘Shakti Mandir’ and have idols of different forms of mother divine or Mata Shakti.

The seventh floor has Sri Hari’s 10 Avatar’s Jhaankiyan.

The eight floor is dedicated to Shiv Ji and has a idol of Mahadev meditating peacefully, with the idols of Whole Shiv Parivaar behind it and there is small replica of Kailash Parvat at last which is adjacent to the wall.

Bolo Bharat Mata Ki Jai!


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