After leaving the Bharat Mata Mandir, we head towards Pawan Dham Mandir by boarding an auto and it is also present on Sapt Sarovar Marg, so it doesn’t take us more than a few minutes to reach there.

Pawan Dham Mandir is a very special Mandir as it is made from very fine and beautiful glass pieces, that is why it is also called Kaanch ka Mandir and Sheesh Mahal. The walls of the Mandir has Jhaankiyan made from colored glass pieces joined and pasted together, so that they depicts Hindu Devi-Devtas. The idols of Gods are also enclosed inside glass showcases and even the ceilings are made of glass.

After getting darshan, we come out of the Mandir and head straight to our hotel as the clock is already past 7 p.m. After getting back to our hotel room through an auto,we freshen up and take some rest.

After having eaten so much of traditional Haridwar’s Bhandara style food, the Punjabi in us starts craving for some authentic Punjabi Food. So, we find any restaurant serving our traditional Shahi Paneer, Rajma and Dal Makhani along with Tandoori and Missi Rotis, then we eat there. Although, the food is not that good but it is still satisfactory. After that we get back to our hotel room and call it a night.

To all those reading, i stumbled upon one youtube video showing traditional, good and authentic Punjabi Food being served at Hoshiyarpuri Restaurant in Haridwar. I haven’t been there but will definitely eat there, next time i am in Haridwar. So, to all the lovers of authentic Punjabi Food, you know where to head to in Haridwar.


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