Just after walking a little distance from Shiv Soda Shop in Moti Bazaar, Mathura walo ki prachin dukaan comes. As we were already very hungry after walking such a long distance so we decide to eat there.

My father has been coming to this shop (whenever he is in Haridwar) from as long as he can remember. Mathura walo ki prachin dukaan was established 90 years ago and the third and fourth generations are handling the shop’s affairs currently.

We say Namaste to the owner and order aloo ki subji,pooris and sitafal or kaddu ki subji and they usually gives 4 pooris in one plate.

Their eating space is across the street,so one can order from the shop and get seated in their shop across the street for eating pooris. Shop’s helper serves us the order on our table. The taste is superb and everything in the platter balances each other beautifully. Like aloo ki subji in curry form is just right in spices and flavour but the dry aloo subji is spicy. To balance the spicy jeera-hing enriched dry aloo subji,kaddu or sitafal ki subji is given which is sweet and sour in taste. I must confess that i hated kaddu ki subji but after i ate kaddu ki subji at Mathure wale, i started loving it. The bedmi pooris are also very crispy with the subtle filling of moong ki dal in it. We eat until there is no space left in our stomachs and get going. 


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