After eating aloo-kadoo and poori there is a natural craving of eating sweet in our minds. So, we usually eat a malai ka samosa from the elder brother’s shop of the owner of Mathura Walo ki Prachin dukan. His shop is adjacent  to the shop of mathura walo ki prachin dukan. When my father purchased malai ka samosa for the first time in front of me when i was a child, i was really intrigued because i had only ate samosa filled with aloo but never a samosa whoose outer layer is made from doodh ki malai instead of maida and whoose filling is made of mawa and dry fruits instead of aloo. It is super sweet and super tasty. 

After that we go to the Prakash Lok Shop to eat Faluda ice cream which is served with rabdi, kulfi and rooh afza in it. The shop also serves milk badaam, in which there is kesar badaam, dry fruits and its very yummy. For Punjabis like me our authentic Desi Lassi is also served. But we only order faluda ice cream as our stomachs are already filled to the limit with food.

So, you and I will drink Lassi another time together dear reader and fellow member.


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