After eating faluda at Prakash Lok we get going to do shopping in Moti bazaar and Bada bazaar. Moti bazaar and Bada bazaar are filled with shops selling artificial jewelery, Rudraksh Malas, Idols of Hindu Devi-Devtas, photo frames of Hindu Gods, white chandan wood, red chandan wood,¬† crockery, children’s toys, copper goods, brass goods, hats, unstiched clothes sold in meters for making finished suits, kids clothes, shirts, t-shirts, track suits, bags, attachies, cotton bags, carry bags, purses, bangles, sindoor, rice puffs, dry fruits, cosmetic products, musical instruments, fine goods made from wood, towels, gemstones, kitchenware, mirrors, shankhs, key rings, kalash, malas, many ayurvedic products, a wide variety of achaar, Shiv Lings, mortar-pestel, woods and plastic baskets, artificial flowers, flower pots, watches, decorative items, Budha idols, wall clocks, big plastic containers or kenni which are used to store Gangajal and more beautiful items,goods and stuff. There are also many book stores in moti bazaar and bada bazaar which are my favourite places to be. Geeta press Gorakhpur also has their shop in this bazaar, so all the religious people can buy religious books from there.


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