After depositing our shoes, we wash our hands and purchase bowl or donna made of malu ke patte which has flowers, diya, dhoop-batti and matchstick in it. We purchase all these religious items so as to do Pooja after Snan.

We walk carefully because the floor becomes very slippery and there is a risk of falling. So, we slowly walk down the steps of Hari Ki Pauri and gets to the main floor where those small temporary wooden temples (they look like beds which has a roof like a small hut)are placed and pandits or purohits are sitting there at each of those temporary wooden temples. Some people also give their clothes and goods like mobile phones, purses, watches etc to those pandits for safe keeping. But we don’t, we keep our clothes, bag and goods on the shelf that is made on the tower that sustains the bridge above our heads. I take care of our stuff, while my father, my mother and my brother have Snan in Ganga Ji, while I wait


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