After my mother, my father and my brother have took ample time having Snan and after they have uncountable dubkis. One of them, mostly my mother comes out of Ganga Ji and finally, my turn to have Snan comes. My mother safeguards our stuff while i apologize to Ganga Ma for going to step inside her with my feet and then i walk down those two final steps after which my foot touches Ganga Ji. A chilling wave goes from my foot to my head covering my whole body. Because the Gangajal is really cold and remember it’s the month of June(mostly) that we are here. The temperatures are soaring, weather is so hot even in Haridwar. But still the Gangajal is bone chilling. It takes my body a good 5-10 minutes to adjust to it and after that Gangajal starts feeling normal. I take a lot of dubkis in Ganga Ji and pray to Ganga Ma for my family’s wellbeing. We get out and dry our selves as fast as we can. After that we put our fresh clothes on and gets ready. The Pandit Ji puts Tilak on our foreheads and we take his blessings and give him some Dakshina. Finally,we light the diya inside the donna (bowl) and flow it in Ganga Ji. It’s very spiritual to do it as i think that this flowing donna represents our life and it signifies that ‘may our lives also keep on flowing so magnificently like Ganga Ji flows’.

Ganga Ma ki kripa se parivaar ke sabhi sadasyo ka jeevan bhi Ganga Ji ki tarah ‘kal-kal’ behta rahe.

Bolo Ganga Mata ki Jai.