As a young 3 years old i always remember my parents telling me never leave hand of mummy papa and venture alone or gangs of beggar will catch u and chop of your hands and legs and make u beg,i dont know what else average parents scare there kids with against child trafficking! And i was quiet clingy to my parents, always usualy ridding their lap even in nursery while going to bus stop…too lazy and plump to walk ..and ever smart..why work so hard when u can ride piggy back! On one such occasion all our family fit in our yellow chetak scooter and rode to a movie hall to watch Amitabh bachan starer ” Mahan ” in which Bachchan uncle has tripple role! We reached Delhi s Sangam cinema just at nick of time thats 2.55 pm.,the movie timings were 3 to 6 pm and we had no advance booking, so my father while parked his scooter ,he asked my mom to rush to ticket counter to buy the tickets fast and we shouldn’t miss the movie! While my mom rushed to counter and father talked to parking attendant for coupon of parking, in confusion to stay with any of them i just missed both of them ,i was 4 years old ,wore a pink frill frock which had an embroided train i still remember! Though distance from parking to ticket counter might be 50 meters but i just lost the way and started sobbing with my face toward wall! My parents mean while reunited in 7 minutes amd were pleasantly surprised to not get tickets in black! But suddenly they got pale realising i was with neither of them! They started searching frantically screaming my name and thought of all bolywood plot movies where dacoits pick baby girls and they come after 20 years ! That time the gate keeper of movie hall entrance came to their rescue and asked is this little crying child theirs? They clung tight to me and i was found! Did you ever got separated from your parents as a child? How did u feel?

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