I love you a lot and can’t live without you, you are my life and heartbeat blah blah.  Mesmerizing to hear and people can die to hear these three magical words. The love of a mother to a kid, sibling to sibling, man to women and man to man (Its legal now). Love can be found in different names and shades, but hate is just one and may just vary in degree.

Does it really exist or it is just the absence of love, care and affection? People go up-to any extend to make their love work and they can go an extra step if it is hate. I still remember a line from my old friend who used to say that I can’t ever hate a person I love as love doesn’t leave scape for hate. Strong lines I don’t know whether she still follows the concept as we used to laugh at her when she used to say it. Things change, situation changes and people change, seriously do people change or is it the situation and circumstance that force them to change.

If we try to understand the concept of love (the toughest till date), love is pure, clean and innocent which doesn’t want anything. As if one wants something in return it will never be love it would be a transaction where there is a debit and credit, one thing in exchange of other. Can there be such love where there is no expectation (Never wanted to use this word but reached here, as I think this is the only reason of suffering in life). Love is a feeling that is constructive and hate is a feeling which arouses negative feelings in an individual and these negative feeling not only destroy the person but also the people associated with them.

To conclude Hate is nothing but the absence of love and the only effort a person has to put in is to let the flow of life take it and never expect anything.