There was a dagger in my heart

that I placed there carefully 

seemed like a self loving act at that time

but alas how foolish

this dagger that I placed there

to decimate the other 

turned on me!!!!

but that slick sharp thing 

masquerading as a friend 

could not fool the Divine within

now alert to the danger within

we started on a journey of discovery!!

looking back, I don’t regret that act

because it has been a great teacher

a strict disciplinarian 

never letting me go off guard

lest the poison spread while I sleep !!!!

it was an easy act but not so easily undone!

slow and steady was it’s dissolution 

it’s assimilation 

learning the lessons offered one by one

dulling the poison that had spread inch by inch

it kept me on my toes

but unknown to it, it became my real friend 

with the help of my Divine friends 

we cleansed this dagger

till it transformed into an luminous aware piece in my heart

offering me in return a gift immeasurable 

for all the troubles I went to

by placing it in my heart in the first place!