When the whole world is against you,
When the going gets real tough,
When all seems to have lost, in a single pitch and toss,
Have Faith in him.

When there is no way ahead,
When all roads lead to a dead end,
When you know there is no scope, do not lose hope,
Have Faith in him.

When the whole world scoffs at you,
When your own ones disown you,
When there is darkness even in daylight, go ahead and fight,
Have Faith in him.

When you look back and wonder “what went wrong??”
When you try to convince yourself and fail,
When you are scared to take a step forward, don’t be a coward,
Have faith in him.

When you feel like crying in despair,
When you consult friends, only to find strangers,
When everyone calls you a loser, nothing is yet over,
Have Faith in him.

Take the giant leap of faith,
The valor and wisdom will be bestowed with a thunderbolt,
What was once a lost battle,
You will regain all your chattel (personal belongings).

He is the almighty who can do wonders,
Let him steer the chariot of your life,
With “HIM” at the helm,
Even an army cannot defeat you in his realm.

The oceans will part,
The mountains will become Midgets,
When your ship is in his bay,
The path will be guided in the skyway.

All your worries will burn like Lanka,
The enemies crushed like asuras,
Touch his lotus feet,
He will show you miracles with his feats.
When he walks by your side,
Adversary becomes your collaborator,
The key to conquer the impregnable fort will be revealed,
The fate of your enemies will be sealed.

Even if you are lost and Life feels like netherworld,
He will arise as a five facet being,
To protect you from all directions,
Forever guiding you with his love and affection.

All your dreams and aspirations will come alive,
The booty from Himalayas will bring a new life,
Keep him in your heart with faith,
You will be victorious and ride the Ashwamedh.