One evening, while leaving the office after being done with my work for the day, I was crossing the admission desk and I noticed an elderly mother guiding her daughter to fill up the form to enroll her into our Tally Free training program.

To cut it short, the candidate was 35 years old though looked not more than 25 years. Although she was a graduate she could not fill the form without her mother’s help ( her IQ was very low). They had traveled from down south and were staying in a hostel in her mother’s attempt to make her daughter stand on her own feet.

A Good Samaritan had given a job for the girl in their canteen until the pandemic forced them to close down. Incapacitated amma’s only aim was to make her daughter be financially independent before she left her alone in this cruel world.

An auto driver (whose daughter was a beneficiary) had led them to this place and the mother had come with so much hope while the daughter had the capability only to follow what the mother said. Poor thing, she would not fit into any of the skill development / vocational training programs that we offered. While I had set out to help people in need, I found myself in an utterly helpless situation so, I prayed. I am sure the universe will lead her to the right place. The girl has her mother’s blessings and there is nothing more powerful than that.

Have you ever been in a helpless situation yourself?

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