Destiny is something to which a person or thing is joint . The courses of our life are predetermined to be reachable to a preordained destination.Destiny implies that there are some Powers which decrease or determine the courses of life . We all believe in destiny , the things which we get and the things which we will get in future all depend upon destiny . Choices or free will needs availability of alternatives for any thought and actions from where one can choose .

In other words we can say that destiny is the probability of an indicated outcome in an uncertain situation where it is .Life is that stage where we play our role . The role maker is our lord , whatever he defines our souls have to be acted accordingly . He is our karta and we follow their instructions . 

Some believe in destiny and say that ‘my role in life is the job I am given and to fulfill my family with all the happiness they need’.

 Some believe that ‘ Even a leaf can not move without the permission of the lord ‘ These words are truly spoken by the people who believe in ” KARMA ” that determine our present life . Everything is temporary except our lord who is ‘ozymandias ‘ which means king of kings . 

 Whenever there is any problem or sorrow they leave it on Karma and say whatever is written in karma we have to pay for it . Lord Krishna says to Arjuna ” Hee! Arjun do your karma and fight with Kauravas ” Arjun replied ” He! Krishna they are my family how can i fight with them ‘ Krishna smiles and replies ‘ Do your karma I am with you my child . This symbolises that you have to be responsible for the actions you do in the past or the present , it will affect you in future . 

A child asked God : If everything is already written in destiny ,Then why should I wish .

God smiles and said : maybe on some pages i have written , ” As you wish ” 

See what a nice answer of god , I always remember the day when i was losing hope but this line makes me what i am today . Believe in destiny , do your best, let the karma do everything for you. Pray to god , cherish him and always be smiling .


Author – Luv Sarpal