He sent me a gift not once, nor twice but thrice!!! 2

I pray to Mother Divine to be at my beloved mentor’s Lotus Feet till I Exist !!! In this life and in others to come !!!

Can you imagine how Swami Ji listens to each and every prayer of ours, you may call them our requests too…. I wrote not once but thrice to him/ his team via mail requesting to grant me a free subscription of os.me

And my wish was fulfilled not once not twice but thrice….It’s a hattrick !! Just like a patient guardian Swami Ji listens to all our requests even if they are baseless, as in my case this time I wrote ” I can buy the subscription and have also gifted it to some family members but I want it as a token of Love from Swami Ji and guess what he sends his love in tons…as I have written in my previous posts that he is my ” Wish Fulfilling ANGEL” that he Truly is.

From requesting him to make me more gentle, to help me get up early, to make me successful in my career, to things which I didn’t even ask for, he has showered me with more than what I Deserve !!!

PS : We are a few extremely lucky souls from the list of Billions who have got the Grace to be in his presence in this Kalyug. Be grateful that you are the Selected One who has got the chance in this Life to be under his umbrella of Divine Grace, Please make sure to take every possible step to remain in this Divine Grace which only a few Souls are Cherishing in this Yuga.

Jai Gurudev !  Charan Sparsh !!!




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