I had started going through the book “The RainMaker” written by Sadhvi Vrinda ji in my Kindle App since two days. Firstly decided to read the book “The Fistful of Love” but got an inner call to go through this book “ The RainMaker” first. So I bought it and started reading it. Just went through four chapters till now and am again getting inside and inside. Every moments that Vrinda ji described there about Swamiji brought tears in my eyes. I wonder, is He really a person who is made with flesh and blood or someone else!!! Its a big question that is gradually arising in my mind!! Now, before saying why this question stroke my heart I need to tell a short incidence that happened with me today itself that it on 19th of Nov, 2022. It may seem very ordinary or a mere emotion or whatever explanation people want to give may give it , no issues. But this incident which happened just a few hours back shook me again from the bottom of my heart!!♥️

As I mentioned in my previous blog that I’m a musician and I ‘m still learning Rabindra Sangeet under my Sangeet Guru Mrs. Jayati Chakraborty, who is renowned Artist in Bengali Music. Every year she takes our music practical examination in the month of November. This year we had that exam on this coming 26th November and this time the exam was going to be much harder as we all her students need to prepare 40 different songs of different taals and we had to perform in front of the examiner the songs without seeing the song a bit!!! We all her students got so much worried as its going to be too tough to learn 40 different songs with different taal, lay and chhand! But when my Sangeet Guru has instructed, I know I have to do it, be it harder or easier whatever it may be. I felt so much tensed and worried though. I started preparing but were simply unable to remember all the songs! Day by day its getting too difficult for me!

In my home I and my husband sit in front of the alter where I have a picture of Mother Divine every morning and evening. We pray, we meditate and sing songs in front of Her. Whenever we sit in front of Her we feel relaxed. So, since yesterday without thinking much sitting in front of Mother Divine in my alter, I started praying to Swamiji that either shift the date of the examination for some days so that I could prepare well or make my examination a good one as I didn’t want to dishearten my Sangeet Guru who holds a great expectation on me. Though I knew that I can’t satisfy my Guru as am not prepared well!! I didn’t want to lie my Sangeet Guru at all, as I love her too much. I was so perplexed and worried about the whole situation. Still, don’t know why am just praying to Swamiji constantly. I even didn’t thought that whom I haven’t seen yet, I haven’t been initiated by him how can he listen to my request? Not a single thought came into my mind, rather I just prayed to him.  

Today, I went to the market for some shopping and somehow get relief from my tension that is constantly haunting me!! Suddenly a whatsapp message came from my Sangeet Guru’s PA stating that my examination has been shifted to 17th December, 2022. I got stunned thinking what is that actually happened?! Couldn’t hold my tears for a second! I simply started crying in gratitude in between all the public out there. The words that always comes out from Swamiji’s mouth “ I don’t tell, I just do”  as mentioned by Sadhvi Vrinda ji in the book “The RainMaker” are nothing but a real one. Whoever seeks him, seeks his refuge He actually listens …. ❤️❤️He himself is a miracle. 🙏🌷

I along with my husband is about to visit the ashram this year end. Just can’t wait anymore to see him in front of our eyes and wet our eyes out of immense gratitude from the bottom our heart . 🙏🙏 Jai Sri Hari 🙏💐