23/12/2022 to 24/12/2022

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With my heart full of Devotion and feeling of gratitude, I slept in my dormetory. Next day I woke up at 5:00 am, I did my morning routine and took bath. At 6:00 am I was there in temple to get his Darshana and attend Vishnu Sahasranama. What beautiful Darshan of Sri Hari we had. Thank you Sadhvi ji for decorating our Mother so beautifully β˜ΊοΈπŸ™πŸΌ
After attending aarti, we had our breakfast and after breakfast we (Shakti Bhaiya and I) went to Village side for a walk. Villagers greeted us with so much love and sai Jai Sri Hari 🌼 when we asked about shortcut to ashram from there.

After a beautiful walk in nature we had our lunch at ashram and after that I to a nap because I really needed to recharge myself for Amavasya Abhishekam of Mother Divine. At 3:00 pm I went to temple and there Sushri Ji and other devotees were singing bhajans, I joined them. Around 3:50pm I started singing Rajrajeshwari Ashtakam for Maa, in between Matarani came, Suvi Bhaiya and Didi also came. And by 4:00pm I completed the stotram and now it was time for her Abhishekam.

We all devotees touched the first kalash of water which will be offered to Mother. Abhishekam began. I was crying on seeing her, standing there beautifully. Thank you Mother for everything. When Abhishekam was over, Sanctum Santorum got closed for some time because now Sadhvi ji will do vastra seva.
When I came outside the temple, Matarani came to me and said you sang very well, bless you. I was feeling so happy. We enjoyed our tea break and then I came back to temple because I wanted to have Mother’s first darshan. Curtains was still there, which means Mother is still getting ready. I waited there, when curtain were moved, my God, surprise…. Mother was wearing same Red vastra which I offered her yesterday πŸ₯Ί. Again I was crying after seeing this… How much she loves me. Devotees told me that with in a week Sri Hari can wear your offered clothes but I always wanted to see Maa in that red vastra after Abhishekam. I offered this Vastra with the bhava that Maa will wear red one after Abhishekam and she did. I never mentioned about this to Sadhvi ji or Swami that please use this cloth, it was all by her grace.

Wait this isn’t it. Mother had more surprises for all of us. After Aarti, Rajiv Ji told us to stay for sometime because he had some announcement for all of us. We all were looking at each other what it could be?
And the he said, “Jai Sri Hari, aasha hai aap sab theek honge, to kal se Swami Ji discourse me aayenge.” Wait what? It wasn’t even there on plan but his leela is aparampaar. Where we all were expecting to get a minute with him in initiation and here he’ll be with us for almost 45 minutes. All glories to him.
After having our dinner and some good bhagwat charcha with beautiful devotees, delicious cake from Karuna Ji’s kitchen, offering my prayers to Christmas tree in Sushree Ji’s room and then distributing prasadam to devotees I went to my room and slept there with these beautiful memories.
Next day I woke up at the same time, attended Vishnu Sahastranam and aarti followed by breakfast, walk to the Giri River, then lunch and nap, I came back to temple around 2:50pm, I wanted to do my bit in decorating temple because Swami ji will be coming today, I contacted Divya Ji and she guided me to go to office and from there I got contact of devotee who was doing arrangements. I got in her touch and there after attending Lalita Sahasranama we rushed towards decoration and in between I had my dinner and today was my initiation as well. I was super excited. Now we finished all decorations on time and at 6:15pm we were inside the temple. After Rajiv ji made some announcements, Sri Suktam played in background, heartbeat was going faster with each passing moment. All were facing towards the door.
As we all know how punctual our beloved Lord is. It was 6:29 and he arrived πŸ₯Ί that feeling is beyond my imagination when he enters the temple. Beautifully smiling, greeting everyone. I wished him Marry Christmas πŸŽ„πŸ₯Ί
Our beloved lord was sitting in front of us, we had a beautiful time with Lord. After Aarti when Swami ji was leaving, we were told to rush towards book shop to wait there, I rushed myself outside the temple and I was sitting near his shoes.
Swami ji came and he was putting on his shoes.
I said: “Jai Sri Hari Swami Ji”
To which my beloved Mother

Β replied: “Abhishek, theek se ho gayi thi aapki convocation.”
I was shocked completely, I was blank at that time, I nodded in yes. He went to meeting room.
I was dancing and jumping out of joy, Aarzoo Dee helped me to calm down, now we were waiting for our slot outside the meeting room. My initiation happened. I was so happy 😊
What else I need in this life, all I have to do is to walk on my path with honesty and follow my Guru’s words.

So what happened, I wrote a comment on Sri Suktam post to which Swami ji replied and he remembered that comment and he also remembered my face, my name everything. He knows everything πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸΌ
I’m sharing screenshot of that comment.

Wait for final part….

All pictures in my post are from my camera.

Credit for Picture in display: omswami.org

Jai Sri Hari 🌼

Narayani Namostute