I stand by the river, flowing with grace and might,

It inspires me to be forever in motion within, yet stable outside.

When I think of the times I have learnt anew, turned a new leaf,

Those times when I moved within yet the world saw me the same,

I realize I have been no different from the river flowing beside.

I tell the river – “He who made me made Thee!”


I watch the trees grand and tall in all majesty, yet ever willing to give,

They inspire in me that I am but a speck in the vast creation.

When I think of the times when, to someone less fortunate,

I gave my grace, I felt I only did what I should and shared what was never mine,

Those times when I gave away with happiness and no other ambition.

I tell the trees – “He who made me made Thee!”


I feel the wind blow with all freshness and life,

It inspires in me to look for a life of peace and cheer.

When I recall those times when I walked on life’s thorns,

Yet I kept thinking of the wonder that lay at the path’s end,

Those times when I moved with hope and all dread did clear.

I tell the wind – “He who made me made Thee!”


I see the huge mountains standing tall and forever,

They inspire in me to be firm in beliefs which I know are eternal.

When situations caused grief and conflict in my mind,

And I was rattled by the pains I was seeing in and around,

Yet knowing that all will pass and cheer and grief are but an illusion.

I tell the mountains – “He who made me made Thee!”


I see the sky, holding the sun, moon and stars, with no end,

It inspires in me to know I have no limits to stretch myself.

When I look back on those times I thought I had no more endurance,

I thought I could not go beyond the matters in hand, yet I did,

With perseverance I expanded the limits I had set for myself.

I tell the sky – “He who made me made Thee!”


I watch Nature with all its endless wonders,

Each one inspires me to take its best to shape my life.

I remember when I need to learn, I need to grow,

Nature helps me see myself, as I am and as I need to be,

It shows to me to move towards tranquility, subduing inner strife.

I tell Nature – “He who made me made Thee!”

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