“Attitude of positive expectation is the mark of the superior personality.”

Brian Tracy.




Let’s talk about one thing that makes the most difference in a human being’s life. What is it—knowledge, looks, or something else—and the answer is attitude?

Attitude is always considered the X factor in anyone’s life. It may be your student life, or it may be any phase you are going through. Now the question is: what makes attitude the strongest?

Knowledge is important; if knowledge is all you have, it will take you places, but will it take you to the desired destination? The answer is no. Looks, or face value, are always important, but will they take you to your destination? Yes, for a shorter run, yes, but if you need something to accompany you on a longer run, no.

Let’s combine the two, looks and knowledge, for a perfect combination, but is it a deadly one? The answer to that is also no, so what is it that makes one person outstanding and way more superior than others? That is why attitude has something.

A person with good looks can be easily distinguished; of course, a good-looking person cannot be overlooked. The eyes always go to the one who is charming and radiant, but how long would you sit with all beauty and no brains? The same happens with a knowledgeable person; you are excited to learn a lot of things from this person, but after a certain period of time it becomes monotonous, and then comes the life of plain knowledge.

But if you are around a person who is a combination of beauty and brains and has the art of speaking and dealing with people, they tend to be more happy, as it is not always plain knowledge or just looks; it is something that makes a difference, that stands apart, and that works in such a way that it creates something magical.

It is easy to spot a person with attitude among a group of people, and they are the ones that everyone wants to be around as they are the ones who speak their hearts out and have the courage to stand up for themselves and others. So, if you ever want to stand with someone who has an attitude, now is the time.