Heal yourself 2
Self – healing is like self – discovery, your set on a unknown voyage to sail all over the world and come home empty. Empty yourself and fill yourself with light of true pure love and enjoy the bliss of this love


Healing is compulsory, You need to understand the importance of healing, You need to heal yourself completely spiritually, Mentally, physically and emotionally. Heal all your childhood traumas and pains. If you don’t heal yourself you will not be able to connect with your ownself completely and when you don’t connect with your ownself you don’t know how to connect with others. The deeper your connect with yourself , the deeper you will connect with things, people, animals and everything around you. You will start getting deeper understanding of everything around you. Everything Starts with you even healing first starts with you. You can never heal the society and people around you if you’re wounded . The best thing you can gift to society is Healing.

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