It was a freezing morning in January 2020, when my 6 years old son experienced severe pain in his stomach, this was his fourth trauma in the last 6 months. It was like a deja vu for us and for him as well. The pain was endless and the severity was heart rendering.

It was a chilly morning in January 2020, and my 6-year-old kid was experiencing significant stomach discomfort for the fourth time in the previous six months. It was like a flashback for both him and us. The agony seemed to go on forever, and the severity was heartbreaking.

I barely started meditating a few months ago and quickly realized that it was a challenging test. Practicing got incredibly difficult in this situation.

I was unsure whether I would be able to continue with my practice. Still, I recall listening to Swamiji in Jeevan Ek Gorakhdhanda, where he discusses suffering and loss, as well as the transient nature of all we experience.

We met another doctor, and my son was diagnosed with acute appendicitis, which we were completely unaware of. The one saving grace was that his appendicitis had not yet burst, providing a light of optimism in an otherwise bleak situation. Doctors put him on a high-dose antibiotic regimen. We spent several restless nights as a result of his anguish.

Every morning, we hope for a better day as we see one doctor after another and undergo numerous tests. Throughout these days and nights, I had only one hope: that it would pass, regardless of the consequences.

We saw a ray of hope after almost 10 days when his pain had whittled down to infrequent. His antibiotic treatment continued for another 20 days, and he avoided surgery. We are still terrified, but we are more self-assured and ready to face anything.

We are still going strong, and my meditation practice is going swimmingly.

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