Hello dear community members. Once again this innovative competition is working to ignite my writing passion. Have just written this poem in clinch of time. It’s 11:56pm and i am trying to complete this form. I hve composed this poem on Healing love. I hope it will be motivating and will be loved by my dear readers. So here is my composition:

                Healing Love 

I was walking through a dark, deep forest, 

In my dream last night,

When I saw something shining bright with its light! 

Frightened! as I went near,

He called me and said “oh my dear, I’m

just a divine Archangel, so there is nothing to fear. 

I’m an angel of divine love indeed, 

Of which this society, this world is in dire need! 

I asked him if he can illustrate, rather than money, how love can be that much great? 

“Just look at this world, 

How most people are growing old, 

Neither happy nor healthy

Feeling dull and bored! 

It’s only the power of love,

with which everyone and mother Gaia will heal, 

and for this, I am here to work with my full zeal. “

I said ok, then spread your light

And show me how much this life becomes bright. 

Archangel said,

My light can spread only through the

power of divine wisdom, 

And I am looking for the people,

who will become a medium. 

He requested me if I can help, 

In finding someone, pure and perfect! 

I assured him that it’s not difficult for me, 

As I know a community, named os.me👍😊

There belong many divine souls,

working already to spread their wisdom on purity, peace and love❤. 

. ………….,……………………………………………………….

Hey friends I have shared that angel’s message with you all as somehow you all are working as light workers and spreading your wisdom to heal mother Gaia. So you all are doing awesome work. I am so grateful to this community🙏

Disclaimer: I couldn’t submit before 12 midnight as on multiple trials I was getting the message “unable to complete form” At last I found that the problem was in the featured image I used earlier it was of higher resolution.. So I changed it and in this whole process I got late😅