The present post is a continuation of a previous post of mine – If you are inclined to read – You could do so here 

As I said August was when I incorporated Gurudev’s lessons more. I stumbled twice in that month but was able to get up. September, I stumbled only once personally. Thereafter, I had work related travelling to do. I faced immense difficulty after I shifted back from my home to my place of work due to various other reasons. However, I got help from a close source. Nature found a way to protect me. This is what I realise today. If you are on the right path – help will come your way. 

Come October, a month of festivals – from Durga Puja to Lakshmi Puja to Kali Puja. No wonder all Bengalis love this month. I did not stumble even once. Come November, I felt a lot of blessings come my way. December, I thought I will stumble since I had to engage not with the issue but the perpetrator of it. However, I did not stumble and fall. 

As Gurudev says, Divine Grace is always there. However, I will add a point here – one must be a willing recipient of the said Divine Grace. In order to be a willing recipient, one must be a good student and learn the lessons which Gurudev has been imparting time and again.

Therefore, to all of you here who have been facing challenges whether personal, professional, sadhana related or pertaining to your health for that matter, whatever it might be, please do not take any drastic step in life. This too shall pass away. Gurudev has written a wonderful book on healing titled ‘When all is not well’. I got an opportunity to read the book only three months back. However, it is a treasure which cannot be bought with money.

Now coming to last part of this article, let me tell you that I believe in Gurudev without having met him physically. However, I do pray to him daily. I offer my obeisances to his holy lotus feet everyday.

I am a practical, rational and a logical person. The reason for me highlighting these three words is to say that despite being the above, I believe in Gurudev without having met him. He has made me a better person and brought me closer to the path of Sadhana in the true sense of the term. Whether one chants Mantras, Stotrams, Kavachams, Sahasranamas or Chalisas one must be mindful of not only the practice that one chooses to do but also be mindful of their regular behaviour. I am a work in progress and so can you be. Before giving up, give healing a chance. You do not need a personal mentor or guide or the physical presence of a Guru for miracles to happen. One only needs to believe in the lineage of the Siddhas, the Gurus in the Gurumandala, the Divine and move ahead. Give this life a chance. Pause. Breathe. Practice Swadhyaya (Self Study) of Gurudev’s discourses and writings and take one step at a time.

I offer my prostrate obeisances to you Gurudev. [N.B. I am not sure if Gurudev will ever read or chance upon my article unless shown to him, but if you are – Gurudev – please accept my pranam. Gurudev has already come in my dreams twice. I am not sure if it was for real. But that’s a story for another day]

Till then, love and gratitude to all of you,