This I scribbled when I came across people who were so broken and burnt by dire circumstances that even thinking of putting them together seemed challenging and yet it’s worth doing for at the core we are all pure souls. 

We can’t go back now
after the things we’ve seen
the places we’ve been
We can’t turn back now,
I hear all your screams
All of your shattered dreams
You tell me
you wanna heal me
You want to feel it
you wanna put me together
Baby all I have is glasses
For you to walk on
It’s gonna cut all of your feathers

Let there be light in the darkest parts 

Let there be love amidst all the hurt 

Maybe we can go back now

Despite the things we’ve seen.

The places we’ve been

Maybe we can turn back now

Rebuilding all the scenes 

Patching the broken dreams

We can go back now… 


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