Finally,  I have the courage to write in OS.ME.  I always thought I have nothing to write here, since I live a very ordinary life, with neither any major life goal nor any spiritual thirst.  Today I have something to share since it was one of the toughest journey I had gone thru in last 7 months.  For many it might sound very easy, especially to those who just don’t put on weight despite eating a mountain of rice or loads of chocolates or sweet dishes, but for me I only have to see sweets and straight 1 kg up in the scale the next day.

So, I started in Jan 2021 at 96 kgs in my weighing scale which was oscillating between 94.5 to 96 for almost 18 months.  I had reached a stage in my life that at the age of 49 / 50 there is no hopes to lose weight.  I was exercising 5 days a week, I can do dead lift with 100+ kgs and can do squats with 50+ kgs on my shoulder, I can do 25 Surya Namaskar non stop and have been very flexible thru out my life, so I was not at all interested in weight loss since I came to accept that to be my life as is.

Then came the challenge in Feb 2020, the divine instruction to lose 10 kg weight… There was a lot of internal fight about how can that be even a demand, that’s not fair and all kind of justification for the Aadesh given straight to the point.  I didn’t even bother to start thinking about it till Nov 2020, but physically I was going thru a lot of discomfort.  During this time (10 months) I met multiple people who had gone thru Intermittent Fasting and have lost weight and it was so very obvious and visible too, which was unbelievable for me.  Soon I told my husband that both of us need to go thru the same for a month because I wanted company.  He kept it for 3 days, and couldn’t sustain, so we were back to square 1 before even starting.

In Jan I had made up my mind that I am going to do it without telling anyone because I am a kind of person who can’t be challenged about my will power.  When I couldn’t keep it for more than 4 days in Nov 2020, something deep in me said, That’s not ME. I don’t like anything challenging my willpower. 

So, I started on 19th Jan, 2021 after a short visit to ashram with 16 hours fasting : 8 hours eating window.  I could very much maintain my course of action for almost 75 days, with 2 meals a day, coffee without sugar or milk and not eating any sweet.

It was tough to manage with restlessness during lunch time since lunch was the first meal of the day for me. Slowly things (my hunger pangs and emotional distress) settled and I was hugely under pressure to check on my weight loss.  And guess what… phew…. I had not lost even 1 kg of my weight, which was hugely hugely demotivating at that point of time. (To be Continued)

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