As a human being we need people around us to move forward,to enjoy life,to celebrate successes ,to share happiness,and to tell sadness that’s the difference between animal kingdom and us. We make friends,we have families ,we have relatives,we have other people in our contacts so we need to manage relationship with them in order to maintain harmony we need balance of emotional understanding of each other’s time and situations, like someone just might have returned from office and we are at home so we shouldn’t argue instantly even if someone is at fault ,we should give  little time to relax and enjoy then slowly can explain what has happened this is emotional understanding.

For healthy relationship we need mutual understanding , whatever the relationship may be,mother ,father,wife ,daughter ,son ,brother ,sister , friends or any other, without knowing exactly what’s going on inside we don’t have right to judge someone,they might have been going in the world where pain might be more than you can imagine.

We should always support people around us in whatever way it is possible with a kind ❤️ heart and happy face.When we are happy world around us becomes happy.We shouldn’t do negative talks ,we should laugh ,it’s always ok to laugh.