I was in train to work and listening to my audiobook(courtesy our os bookclub, I have increased reading and reduced on videos). A man came and sat opposite to me and started saying something. I just nodded and kept listening to my book, not wanting to pause it. Since he kept talking, I had to pause and listen(I had a task to listen in BL, so I reminded myself to pay attention). He said he had just been discharged from the hospital (showed me his hospital band) and that he didn’t have money for ticket and was watching for the ticket cops because they will put him in jail(I wondered what was the point of putting someone who has no money in jail for going in train). I bought a ticket on my phone and told him I will activate it if they come. I gave him my apple, he thanked and told me his girlfriend had kicked him out last night (probably before he fell sick) and he had no place to go. All the while, he never asked me for money. I asked him if he would find a shelter, he said they usually didn’t have space for everyone because of overflow. Women and kids were given priority and he said it was fair. He said he was thankful to God for being alive since he almost died last night(he looked cheerful). He said he saw something on hospital bed. In the noisy train, I couldn’t hear what he said, skeptical I asked him if he saw God. He said he saw death, it could have taken him but didn’t . He also heard something, but wasn’t sure what it was. I offered him one of my sandwiches, he thoroughly enjoyed it, describing what was in it. He said he never thought a sandwich with no meat could taste this good( before BL I might have just given him a dollar or 2 and not offered my food). I thought about offering him my second one and buying my lunch. I offered it to him, perhaps he sensed my hesitation or saw that it was my last one. He politely refused it. He said he was 48 years old, god had brought him so far and he will take forward.

I gave him a 20$ bill, still feeling guilty that I didn’t have the heart to give him more. He said thank you with a big smile and pumped my fist and got down, leaving me wondering “if a man with not a single dollar in his possession and nobody to care for was feeling so grateful, how grateful should I be”

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