Heart: You know, I just want to write today. One of those creative days. Created an Instagram story; shipped some well-drafted WhatsApp messages, hell, even recorded a birthday video for my sister.

Mind: One of those creative days 🙂 The problem is I don’t know what to write about. And why to write about. It’s all good and sundry to write. But like all good things, it has to be efficient, structured, cogent. It has to connect the…

Heart: Or maybe, it just has to come from within. Good writing needs heart more than any structure, wouldn’t you agree?

Mind: LOL. Speaking of heart, do you remember the last time someone brought YOU in writing? It was literally all over the place – fluff, unstructured, meaningless. If only, the writing captured more thoughts and unpacked them. That’s where it’s at

Heart: So, thoughts are where it’s at?

Mind: Yes, thoughts are beautiful. I devour them. Better still if they are left unchecked. Phenomenal content right there for good writing. A good mind with unchecked thoughts sharpens the creative pen like none else.

Heart: Umm…

Mind: The deluge of thoughts empowers me, like none else. And you know what’s the best part? With the promise of efficiency, structure, and cogency,  I so exhaust the writer, that he mostly gives up without even starting

Heart: What good is that?

Mind: Do you really want to know? But how does it matter? I feel like I am already winning.

Heart: Sigh. You are right. But I will be back tomorrow.

Mind: Back for what?

Heart: When the writer gets up, and you are not in your elements. That’s when I will try to get back into his writing. And convince him to write. Even if it’s not efficient, or structured, or cogent.

Mind: Condescendingly. Ha! Do you think you will succeed?

Heart: Well, if it comes from the heart, would it matter? If I succeed or fail?

Mind: We shall see

Heart: 🙂

Mind: You know what’s annoying about you? No matter how hard I try tonight, you never give up. It’s almost as if a new day brings a new beginning for matters of the heart.

Heart: Now, does that scare you?

Mind: That’s for another day…

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