Heart: So, I am all set to write.

Mind: Lurking from Behind. You bet. Write about what? Didn’t I warn you not to?

Heart: For once, I decided to ignore you. Perhaps better off for doing so

Mind: But remember the last time you tried to write. Let’s recall that one memory when you picked up the pen, were all set to write, and then…

Heart: Smiling. Well done buddy. You are trying to unleash a once potent weapon that you had.

Mind: I call it The Power of Thoughts

Heart: I call it The Seat of Distraction. Fortunately, does not work any more 😊

Mind: So, what are you going to write on?

Heart: You shall see

Mind: But you will need me!

Heart: Sure, I will. But I will call on you when I need you. Until then, you can chill

Mind: What good is a mind if it only chills? Remember I draw my value from wreaking cognitive havoc! By unleashing the power of thoughts, emotions, unfulfilled desires, the symphony I create is one of procrastination, confusion and much more! And what is a symphony without a conductor of the orchestra?

Heart: The best symphony is that of a silent mind!

Mind: Elaborate

Heart: When you view the world as is, accept it for what has been, and what will be, that’s when you are at one with Nature, and at one with yourself.

Mind: Sheepishly. And that’s only possible when I am silent?

Heart: For the most part, yes 😊

Mind: So what good, am I?

Heart: With guidance and when operational within bounds, you are a force like none other. In fact, you are what sets us apart in this world

Mind: Hahaha. So an out of control mind is no good. But an in-control mind is the seat of….

Heart: The seat of human ingenuity; the seat of innovation, and perhaps the driver of the human race!

Mind: So, why is it that I am allowed to run loose?

Heart: That, my friend, is for another Saturday 😊

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