From darkness to Light 

From mud to Lotus

You carried us and carrying  …

O…Noble one

  the pain you took for us

Day and Night…

day and night…

                         we the fools

   are eating the fruit

 fruit of heaven…fruit of dharma

         fruit of sadhna 


                 O Divine one

   some say you are Hari

                 Some say Ram or Buddha…….

             you are a walking God

     this is for sure

Speechless I’m…Speechless we all are

                thank you is only some 

clusters of letters…..

               Hold our hand

hold my hand….for its shaking

    as a restless soul

  Heaven 2 take it with you…..ever and ever

          Blind and deaf we sometimes 

   Carrying a foolish heart

               we may stumble 

        we may slip 

  for the road is not an easy walk……

              we may look behind

     in doubt….In fear 

             Guide us like a Lighthouse….. 

                         For speechless we

are now….

          Miracles showering 













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