Hello Everyone/ Anyone!

I am very excited to be here and am so honoured to be in the presence of like minded people! I hope it’s a wonderful place to exchange thoughts, ideas, goals, as a community with all the same purpose. 🤗

I am a human that lives in Alaska, I am an entrepreneur, have a beautiful and unique family, just became friends with a whole bunch of women that I have been dying to be friends with for years. I love to love, I pour my therapeutic strategies into adopting animals and caring for literally any living thing, whether it’s a plant, a slug, a dog, a kid, a stranger, a moose—if I can help it, I definitely will and it brings me joy and I know it is part of my purpose. You attract what you need in life right? Subconsciously I am there. I still struggle consciously. I am just weaning off self sabotage within this year. It’s been a battle getting to know myself and where I belong and what I want to belong in. I have a very traumatic background to the outside world but I see it as if it had happened any other way, I wouldn’t want to help save humanity so much, it humbled me, it was traumatizing and I have quirks now because of it—but it happened and I don’t feel remorse for the way it happened, because I love who I am now because of it. I tend to romanticize the darkness, there’s a vulnerable tender sweetness about dark perception of things.

so anyway- I’m here and I hope I can meet so many amazing human beings! ☺️ 

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