My elder daughter is trying to get enrolled in MBBS. The counselling has just started. She is already studying in an Engineering college where we had deposited her original 10th, 12th Mark sheets. All along i was very casual that i can submit a bonafide certificate indicating that the originals has been submitted in so-so college during MBBS admission. Though my daughter was pushing me to get the certificates back a month back, i was too causal about it. Last Saturday, i received the shock that submitting the originals was mandatory as part of MBBS admission. We barely had a week to get back all the originals as the reporting date for MBBS admission starts next Monday (Jan 31st). Past experience tells it may take close to 2 weeks to get back the documents. I was just paralysed and guilty of being so causal on this inspite of my  daughters requests and needless negative thoughts went thru my mind. Thanks to divine, i was able to remember a relative of us who had retried from the same Engineering college only recently. He turned out to be the God-send person to help us. He himself came to the college and did all the follow up needed and helped us get back the original certificates in just a day. I thanked him profusely for the kind help he provided in a timely manner. We are indebted to him. While an unexpected situation can come up any time, an unexpected help will also come along the way if we sincerely seek a solution without worrying and getting panicked. There will always be a good soul in the universe for our help.