Friends  I ACCIDENTALLY deleted my article- Hind Ki Chaddar.

I am still finding my way around technology. It was my first post the day the contest started. Was trying to open the article and ended up hitting the bin sign 😤😤😤

Please guide me. How do I get the article back on the screen. It is not there in my drafts either. 😭😭.  Anybody reading this , please help. I am sure there must lots of tech savvy readers , please do take time out for solving my problem. 
I don’t know whom to contact for this mistake of mine and does it mean that I can no longer participate in the contest ??

Now I am not able to publish this article as it doesn’t have enough number of words. I sure do know how to get caught on the wrong foot. I don’t know how to get in touch with Medha.  But to Err is human – right ??