How often we pass over several pleas of help for children ,Patients who are terminally ill whilst surfing the Internet or visiting FB or  similar platforms thinking its never ending .
One feels no matter how much we help the need doesn’t subside . This is the sign of a person who has been given sufficient by god without understanding that it’s not for him/her alone that god has made him self sufficient but with a purpose to help those who are weak need help .
No doubt it’s your hard earned money which you have earned by sacrificing a lot in your life but you were bestowed success for your hardwork so you could help others tide over their problems .
Have you thought why Philanthropist donate huge sums because they know it’s not their money which they are donating but it’s money sent by god to help others who are in need .The more you help others the more mentally strong and calm you become . You practically attain blissful state .
Do good and it comes to you .A little help  will not make you pauper but it will certainly help you earn a blessing by a mother a father .

Try once and help a needy trust me the feeling is euphoric . You will find a purpose to live .

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