I waste a lot of time in the mornings. As soon as my daughter leaves for school, I start meandering. Because of Swamijis posts and his emphasis on discipline, I even make a timetable as to what I should do and at what time. But I almost never follow it and leave it to the last minute so I have to rush out of the house and head to work and half my to do list is incomplete.
Any more life hacks anyone? I guess this is a question I should ask myself. Knock knock Gauri, why are you doing this? So self sabotage, from what little I understand, is a neural pathway with me. It’s so ingrained in me that that is the easiest path for me to follow. Water flows into the canals which already exist,
Doesn’t it??
So now I have to find a way to trick or coerce my mind into not sabotaging my efforts. For that I have to make a new pathway and I have to diligently walk on the path day after day wielding a sword and keep away my self sabotaging thoughts like Ma Durga.. So Swamiji says keep doing the same thing again and again for a period of 40 days and it becomes a habit.
But I have started this so many times and not lived up to it.
Sigh!! I know my theory alright but putting it into practice is another ballgame entirely!!
The other issue is I’m scattered. So I don’t really know what I want. And if I don’t have a goal then how will I get there! Swamiji says if you have a goal your job is almost half done.
But He also says walk a path. At least you will get somewhere. Its better than having not walked at all..
Another challenge is my anti-anxiety medicines, which make me crazily drowsy and a lot of my mornings I’m half asleep drinking coffee after coffee. I have a confession, I fell asleep for about 10 whole minutes in the middle of my Sri Suktam Sadhana in the ashram while listening to Swamiji early one morning. Also during the japa at night.Blasphemy!!
I have also woken up late numerous mornings and scurried around trying to get my daughter ready for school on time. I suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome, probably due to my medication, so my night sleep is an issue and I’m sleepy all day.🤐🤐😧😴
Any suggestions from you’ll are welcome!! Any natural remedies for RLS will also be most appreciated.