Today I finished the ‘Live Like A Champion’ goal pack in Black Lotus. That goal pack asked me to keep an achievements jar. The final task in that goal pack, on the fortieth day, was to write a story about something that I added to that jar during the last forty days. I share this story with you all for the same.

Almost twenty years ago, I was still a student in school. One of my cousins had gone to the US to pursue his master’s degree. People in our colony knew that I had a cousin who was in the US, which was considered a huge deal back then. Another family in our colony consisted of an uncle, an aunt, and two daughters. The younger one was five years old then. She had developed some form of arthritis at that age. As a result, she would wake up in pain in the mornings. Because of her joints-pain, that five-year-old girl would not even be able to get out of bed in the morning. Winters were particularly harsh for her.

One day her mom called me and showed me a cutting from the newspaper. It was an advertisement about some revolutionary new medicine available in the US, which claimed to treat arthritis. Aunty wanted me to ask my cousin if he could buy that medicine for her kid. Aunty did not ask my parents. She was probably hesitant because my uncle worked under my father in the office. But her desire to free her kid from the pain nudged her to ask me. As a student in school, there was not much I could do. I still asked my cousin about it. My cousin did not help. He probably was short on money himself, as life in the US is not a piece of cake either.

Even twenty years later, I can still recall that kind and concerned face with which aunty asked me for help that day. It used to make me restless that I was unable to help. In fact, every person who asked me for help, and I have failed to help them, becomes a face I cannot forget. I wish I could help every single person in the world.

Taking a slightly necessary detour from the story: In 2015, I learned about a Holistic Health Camp where people’s diseases are treated simply by fasting. In short, the logic is that when the body is starved, the body starts to eat from within. However, the body is an intelligent system. When consuming the content from within, it starts eating in the reverse order of importance. So, the most critical things in the body are eaten last. You can verify this yourself too. Whenever you observe a fast, you never cause damage to your brain or your heart on the first day of fasting. Instead, the body consumes all the extra fat first and you start to lose weight. Then it moves to protein and so on. This is how the animals in the jungle treat themselves. They do not have doctors to go to. So when an animal is hurt, they typically treat themselves by fasting and letting their bodies heal by themselves. This is also how cancer is treated in that camp. When the body is starved, it starts to consume everything unnecessary first. And in that process, the body eats up the cancer cells, resulting in its detoxification. This is one way to treat early-stage cancer without chemotherapy. (Necessary disclaimer: Please do not take my word and do your own research – I am not a doctor by profession.)

Either way, I have seen numerous people getting treated there. Even people who have diabetes have gone there and observed fast. You may know that sugar patients are told to strictly not observe fasts as it can affect their insulin levels. There has been no disease, whether physical or mental, that I have not seen getting treated there. I have sent about twenty or so people there, including two doctors. Every person has reported significant improvements that they couldn’t see just by taking medicines.

Coming back to the original story, in Feb this year, my uncle suddenly passed away. It was tragic. He had recently retired and had finally seen some relief from work. But his rest was so short-lived! Aunty and her two daughters were heartbroken. I knew that it would be tough for Aunty and the two daughters if one daughter required permanent care as an adult. I spoke with them and forced them to send her to camp. My general stance is to not force anyone for anything. People do not listen anyway and do what they want to do.

But I decided to make an exception here and forced them for it. I paid for the girl’s stay at the camp out of my pocket because aunty was concerned about the cost. I lied and said they were treating her for free because the health camp people know me as I have sent so many people there. (The health camp is actually very affordable, but that family is not very well-off.)

Today, that girl has been in that health camp for a whole month now, and her health has improved a great deal. I spoke with her a few days ago, and she told me that many of her locked joints have opened. Her crooked back has straightened. She can get out of her bed and walk independently without needing physiotherapy every morning. Aunty was overjoyed to see her daughter standing straight. I’m not surprised by the results since I had already seen them in many others. I’m just glad that her life is improving and that her mom is happier with it.

Twenty years since she asked me for help that day, I feel great comfort that I have been of some use.