There are so many incidents but one of them I would like to share among us. I belong to Nepal. This incident occurred during the time of the devastating earthquake of 7.8 Richter scales stuck in our country on 25 April 2015 at 11.56 am.
After having lunch around 11:30 a.m. I was busy with the weekly cleaning of the toilet. My clothes were almost wet and dirty, I was rubbing soap water on the floor tiles. My children were busy with TV and my husband was making green tea in the kitchen. All of sudden our house started shaking like a swing. It was so unexpected my heart started pounding with fear as it would manage to come out. Anyhow, I came under the door frame of the toilet crying “ Oh lord save us” “ save us “.My husband was at the kitchen door in the same condition. My two children just before us in the living room catching each other’s hand. They wanted to come close to us but the tremendous movement of the earth was not allowing it. We were looking at each other in panic and fear. Everything was so unexpected, we were out of our mind can’t think or analyze just numb and full of fear. As the motions of the earth lowered we jumped out of our house. People were running here and there painstakingly. There was a great sound with choking dust just a few miles away. One house on the corner of the road had fallen down with a great sound and making thick dust. There were broken window glasses on the road. We were running with our children on the road in search of an open and safe place. One girl fainted in the middle of the road was carried away by her brother who himself was shivering. People were shouting and crying running for shelter all over the way.

Finally, we found an open and spacious car parking space for shelter. It was already filled with people. We stood on one corner looking up trying to confirm there were no buildings nearby. Within a fraction of minutes so much has happened we were shocked.
Suddenly a middle-aged woman came running inside the parking area. Everybody’s eyes were on her. She was carrying another woman older than her in her hands just like a mother carries’s a small child. She was sweating and barefoot. She came nearby us, there was a pile of bricks kept aside. She somehow managed to put the older woman on the bricks. She checked the surroundings and stood by her side . The older woman didn’t seem too old to walk. I was surprised that both women seemed to be of the same bodyweight. It seemed so impossible. How could she manage this? How can a woman manage to carry another woman like this?. So many questions aroused in my mind. I asked who is the older woman you were carrying?. Her voice wasn’t clear, probably she said “my mother law”. “she can’t walk properly” – she added. She didn’t want to show up her act of kindness. I didn’t disturb her further as the whole environment seemed to be panic-stricken. But her concern and kindness touched me deeply.

Now after so many years whenever I remember the incident, I thank god so many times for protecting us . In our society when we have so many differences in our families, how can a woman manage to show such an act of kindness in such an emergency when saving her own life becomes the most critical point. I still feel the divinity and compassion in her eyes which probably matched that with mother divine.

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