I have recently been very agitated and restless because I wanted to know the truth. I started to read Swami ji’s blogs and came across very heart-touching lines. Swami ji mentioned that to get water from underground we have to keep digging at the same spot and should not change spots. Having faith that we will get water we should strive hard until we get the water. However, swami ji also mentioned that finding the right spot to start with is also equally important. 

My sharing for today is based on this aspect. How do we find the correct spot to begin with? How do we identify a suitable spot to start digging? We know that the supreme Bhagavan is one, but the sages and rishis have curated many paths for us based on our tendencies. Having many deities to worship, it is a Guru who knows what will work best for us. The Guru is our flashlight in the dark alley, our guide, our saviour. However, not everyone is blessed with a Guru at first. For those who are not initiated, what do you think will work the best? How do they find the right spot to start digging? I am pretty sure any place upon digging will have water, but if we have proper guidance, the effort to have water becomes significantly easier and faster.

Please share how did you find your spot? Thank you. Pranam.