Hey 2020,
Today I want to thank you
You shook me and showed me, my splendor
You started with a bang
And this “bang” never ended
You kept on surprising me
I learned to value life
I started valuing humans more and more
I learned to understand that everyone struggles
I met some beautiful souls in a new light
And left some in this journey of life
I too have struggled with my fears, anxiety
And never felt ashamed of this struggle
I too cried for those souls who suffered
and death took them in her kind arms
But then I saw humanity flourishing
And realized this what life is- fair or unfair?
The way we see it
I realised faith can be unshakable
When I leave everything to that Almighty
The biggest learing ever is “I learned to LET GO.”- if it comes let it come, if it doesn’t ? Let it be.
I won’t say this journey with you had been easy
You made learn and unlearn so many things
But still, you taught me how to see things in a new light
What’s more in store to learn, I don’t know
Shake me, but you can’t break me
I am rising with new horizons in my way
But still, show me that hope of ray
Where life will gather again
Even though we have realised it through pain

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